Gwendolyn Carter
Nutritional Lifestlye Change Coach /  Medi-Tourism Retreat Planner

Gwendolyn Carter - Nutritional Lifestyle Change Coach, Cultural Scientist , Author, Researcher, Lecturer, Facilitator, Moderator, Seminar and Workshop Presenter, Retreat Planner. Formula Developer in the field of raw, organic environmental resources of the three major marine vegetables, spirulina, kelp, coral calcium. Volcanic resources, ash, dirt, clay and water.  Over four decades of natural living, Coach Gwen experienced first hand the benefits of wellness and prevention from eating and drinking natural foods and beverages. Natural marine vegetables provided the basis for her several years of research and development of raw, organic environmental resources on her global travels.

At the turn of the century on the "Nature Island" of Dominica, Under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ms. Carter  was granted permission to search the seas and rivers for spirulina.  She was also granted a modern laboratory where she developed 17 health and beauty formulas as well as several food products out of the organic spirulina on the nature Island combining spirulina with other organic environmental resources.  Since 1977, Ms. Carter has been an avid mud and ash bather on her global travels experiencing the powerful affects of detoxification and rejuvenation from volcanic resources.  These superior spa and health treatments provided the base for her ability to formulate with raw organic volcanic and sea environmental resources.

Coach Gwen self-published natural health books, "Holistic Health Alert" and "Nature's Signature Preserves Your Equilibrium Through Nutrition"  

Writings in progress, Save Your Life "Your Daily Health Assurance Plan", Nature's Signature "Optimum Health & Wellness Natural Fitness Guide, Nature's Signature " Wiser Healthier Choices In Cocktails and Lifestyles"

Her writings are based on a commonsense approach to living naturally without pain and suffering.  From the "Nature Island" of Dominica, "Simply Beautiful" St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean, North and South America, West and East Africa  Ms. Carter's books are considered a "daily bible" for many folks. Her simplistic  way of writing in booklet form makes it easily accessible on any electronic device. Her formulas are considered "miraculous" because her client receives rapid results.

Serving as a volunteer in senior sports competition in "simply beautiful" Saint Lucia, Ms. Carter's teams always come home with gold medals.  The world is calling for a drug free sports industry and Ms. Carter will participate in jump starting this revolution. Her plans include flooding the self-help publishing industry on "where to and how to" sport train without drugs and chemical dependency. As well as flooding the natural health product industry with great foods and beverage recipes that build strong bodies.  Her goal is to establish a full service consultant business on melanin natural product development, all of her formulas are melanin based. Coach Gwen is on a major campaign to change lives naturally and honestly with self-empowering information and loyal coaching services.
Ms. Carter's motto, "Drink Green - Bathe Black., Eat In Color" will ignite natural enhancement into blood circulation, cell rejuvenation, and natural healing.  She will teach Optimum Wellness and Natural Fitness which will fulfill the order of the 21st Century call for a "drugfree" sports industry and a "healthy" human population globally.

Coach Gwen's Motto:
Drink Green, Bathe Black, Eat In Color
Coach Gwen Carter